Asked Questions

Are there individual and team awards?

Yes. The nomination categories are open to both individual and team nominations. There are also team awards in the clinical and patient experience categories.

How do I nominate a colleague?

Simply visit the PE Vision Awards website at to review and select a nomination category. Click on the icon for your selected category to begin. Complete and submit the form to finish the nomination process. Only nominations submitted through the nomination forms will be considered.

When are submissions due?

Nominations for the Compassion, Inspiration and Innovation categories are due by midnight, PST on December 9, 2022. Publications are due by midnight, PST on February 1, 2023 for the Academic Excellence category. Winners will be announced at the CommonSpirit Health Physician Enterprise Virtual Leadership Summit in May 2023.

What happens after a nomination has been submitted?

All nominations will be first reviewed and approved by Human Resources. Approved nominations will move forward to be viewed and scored by division and overall judging committees. From these judging bodies, division winners and national winners will be selected.

I am a Physician Enterprise system employee, can I still be nominated?

Yes. Physician Enterprise system employees can be nominated for an award. We will have awards for PE divisions and PE system employees/teams which will roll up to overall winners.

Who are the judges?

Judging committees consist of up to eleven (11) members and are composed of Physician/Advanced Practice Practitioners, senior leaders, and front line leaders. Division judging committees will select the winners for these award categories (Compassion, Innovation, & Inspiration) per division. The overall judging committee consists of up to seven (7) members who selects the overall award winners.

I would like to be a judge. How do I get involved?

We appreciate your enthusiasm and your support! Please email to inquire about judging opportunities.

When and how are division winners and overall winners notified?

Once selected, division winners will be notified by March/April 2023.

Overall winners will be announced upon recognition at the Physician Enterprise Summit. Awards will be distributed to winners in May.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please email all inquiries to

How many awards are available?

There are six award categories. Division winners will be announced in each PE division for each individual and team categories. There will also be a set of overall winners per award category. PE system employees are included as their own division and are encouraged to also participate.

The Innovation, Compassion and Inspiration award categories will be awarded to one physician/APP, one staff member, and one team/department (if nominated) per division.

The Patient Experience and Quality award categories use quantitative data to determine division winners and overall winners based on clinic size. Nominations will not be collected for these two award categories.

How will the Academic Excellence category awards be structured?

Awards will be based on articles published in peer-reviewed journals from January to December 2022. Manuscripts in “pre-print” status will be accepted.
Criteria for selection and award will be based on the potential for the publication to have a direct, relevant, and high-impact effect on clinical care delivery, with a focus on improving care for our patients and communities. All submitted publications will be reviewed by a committee composed of national, divisional, and academic partner leaders using a standard review format.

Note: Only articles published in peer-reviewed journals from January to December 2022 will be accepted. Ideas that are being planned but have not yet been implemented will not be reviewed. Letters to the editor, book chapters, blogs, editorials, opinion or perspective pieces will not be reviewed.

There will be four award categories:

Clinical Research: Research conducted with human subjects (or on the material of human origin such as tissues, specimens, and cognitive phenomena) for which an investigator (or colleague) directly interacts with human subjects. This area of research includes mechanisms of human disease; therapeutic interventions; clinical trials; development of new technologies; analysis of existing datasets; epidemiologic and behavioral studies; outcomes research and health services research.

Health Disparities Research or Health Equity Research: Research conducted to address the disparity in clinical care delivery or closing a care gap due to inherent or implicit disparity in care. Abstracts in this category will primarily be descriptive, but they may also include preliminary data.

Medical Humanities: Initiatives/Research that focuses on the history of medicine, cultures of medicine, dilemmas/challenges in the practice of medicine, disability studies, communities in crisis, bioethics, public health, doctor-patient relationships and communication, end-of-life concerns, medicine and the media, medicine and society; literature and medicine, medical anthropology, empathy and the experience of illness, and the arts and medicine.

Practice Innovation or High-Value Care or Quality Improvement: Initiatives that focus on reducing waste in the system (unnecessary testing and treatment or inappropriate setting for care), minimizing harms (radiation exposure, medication side effects), and improving patient care through communication (incorporating patient values and concerns into care plans), or improving caregiver well-being by reducing unnecessary steps in the process of providing and/or documenting care. Abstracts in this category will primarily be descriptive, but they may also include preliminary data.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to email us directly at

Nominate for Vision Award

Nominate a Colleague or Team Today!

Awards are open to individuals and teams* as indicated. Peers may nominate others for these awards, or you can nominate yourself. Nominations are due by January 15, 2022. Awards will be presented at the annual CommonSpirit Health Physician Enterprise Summit on April 19, 2022, which will be held virtually.


*Innovation category is open to team nominations as well as individual nominations